Christine Müller

Being the key players in HOLODECK architects, Marlies Breuss and Michael Ogertschnig coined the idea of 'conceptual contextualism' - a term to describe their continuing intention to dissect all architecture-related components and reassemble the individual pieces to form new net coherent units.
"We use the separate parts that stand out due to their spatial and functional context and transform these into a new entity - and this is being done from scratch with every project we work on."
However, this process is by default bound to introduce multiple alterations as elements taken from the immediate vicinity of the design-to-be tend to reassemble themselves in rather unanticipated patterns. Traces of architecture from past times are being merged to create new and enhanced zones of interpretation.

Excerpt from Christine Müller, 'Meister der Spurensuche', SKIN, 2012

Otto Kapfinger

For HOLODECK architects, the spatial loop is no mere formal pattern. Rather, a critical mass - then leading to a turnover, a loop of empiricism into a new quality - develops in their projects from the collection and overlapping of empirical data. But of course, conventional asbuilt analysis is insufficient for such a conceptual turnover - 'transprogramming', in Bernard Tschumi's words. Specific methods must already be applied in the investigative phase in order to force open linear or monocasual lines of argumentation and to bring a given situation's concealed potentials to light.

Excerpt from Otto Kapfinger, Emerging Architecture 2, 2001

Elke Krasny

The starting point for HOLODECKs work is the concept. The superpositions of the site-specific characteristics of the topographical environment and individual needs determine the work process.

Excerpt from Elke Krasny, Recht auf Landschaft, 2005

Oris Magazine

HOLODECK ’s approach is utterly conceptual and leads us to understand how concepts born out of spatial understanding produce lived in spaces almost resonating with the meaning of space


Architects world directory 2006 - selected office austria. influenced by the landscape, making the best of each site to meet the user ‘s requirements. The projects are characterised by a dynamic response to their site.


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